Best Damn Challenge Race Recap

I got to meet new friends… Well virtual friends that I finally got to meet in person. First, Nanci (Check out: She’s had amazing success with Weight Watchers and added Shakeology and T25 to her arsenal recently!

Second, Denise (Run DMT! She’s a mom on the run and will be running the A1A marathon this weekend! She’s a great encouragement to moms trying to stay active and healthy for their families!

Now onto the run!
I completed the 10k/5k challenge!
I learned my mind is an incredible thing! I took the 10k steady and earned a new PR by 6 minutes at 1:09! I was happy with this. Met up with some striders and then found my hubby to prep for the 5k. I set my goal to stay under a 10:22 average pace, as I thought that was the pace for my previous record. So when I crossed the finish line with a 10:13 pace and twenty seconds over my PR, I realized my math was off somewhere.
The night before I had looked at the wrong race to set as my goal.

Nevertheless l was happy with both races and my race photos! Funny blog about race photos in the works! Send me your worst race photo:


3 thoughts on “Best Damn Challenge Race Recap”

  1. Aaaanndd you got to meet your most favorite new blogger..Yvonne at Diary of a New Runner! Geesh…I even “let” you win our challenge and everything! (OK, not really, you had me fair and square!) :)-

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