Beating the Heat: Summer Running

With the heat here in Florida, I have to be careful with my running here in Florida! So, how do I beat the heat?

1. Run early or late
The cooler early morning or late afternoon provides a nicer run. With our normal Florida afternoon showers, the evenings tend to cool down the most!

2. Cross-Train
My two favorite cross training methods are bike riding and TurboFire. Y’all have heard me talk about TurboFire before. It’s a choreographed kickboxing workout that anyone can do. My other favorite, biking, I don’t do nearly enough – this is something that I can even do in the heat of the day because my speed gives me enough wind to keep me cool, but sun screen is a must!!

3. Stay Hydrated
This is important during any time of the year, but it is so much more important in summer. With the extra heat, you are sweating more and your body needs to have those fluids replaced! I have a hand held water bottle that I currently use, but I am looking to invest in a hydration belt very soon – keep an eye out for a review soon!

4. Lower mileage, faster runs
I’m utilizing the summer to push my speed limits on my shorter runs! This can be quite a task with the humidity here in Florida, but it is well worth it! On my 2-3 mile runs I’m trying to maintain lower than a 10 minute pace. I know for some of you this is slow, but my half marathon speed is in the 11 minute pace, so 9 minutes is lightening fast for me! Run at the pace that suits you!

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