Recently, I have added another tool to my tool belt – Beachbody!
I am a Beachbody coach!

Why Beachbody?
I have used their products for since May 2013. I started by adding TurboFire to my running training at the end of May 2013. Within 2 months, I saw an 8 minute reduction in my 5K time! I am a full believer that cross training HAS to be apart of your running training! At the end of June I added Shakeology to my health plan. I did a 3-Day Cleanse and have been drinking Shakeology for breakfast since then! I feel great! You know, weight loss drugs that work do exists and I’m sure they do, but so does trying really hard!  I have more energy, have less bloating and just feel healthier!

So why Beachbody? It has not only made an impact on my fitness and health, but has made effected so many people. Through reading other coaches posts over the last few weeks, I have seen people make improvements in the way they look and feel (weight loss, improved self confidence, etc.), as well as health improvements – reduced signs of Chron’s Disease or IBS, clear bills of health after years of taking handfuls of medications for various health issues. Their goal is health – not quick fix solutions. The goal is a change in lifestyle to end the trend of obesity in our nation.

What is Beachbody?
They offer fitness plans like P90X, Insanity, TurboFire, and the new Focus T25! They offer Shakeology – which is my daily dose of all the nutrients my body needs and I love it because it makes me feel full at breakfast time and give me the energy I need for the day!

Do you have questions? Want to try Shakeology? Comment below or Email me (

Want to become a coach? Join me! Contact me for more information about the amazing discount and compensation program!

Here are my beachbody pages:
Interested in fitness programs or challenge packs
Interested in Shakeology and want to learn more
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