Baby Shower… and all other sorts of crazy!

Today is the baby shower and the house is all ready to go!  Looking forward to seeing everyone and having a good time!

We found a house to rent.  The short sale that we put an offer in on was sold to a cash buyer out from underneath us.  So we are going to keep looking and putting offers in.  The house that we are renting is off of Hwy 52, which is a little more north of where we are now, but conveninent to a toll road that we can zip down to get to work, school and church easily!

Well, I am going to cut it short – my hair isn’t ready yet 🙂
Enjoy your Saturday!


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  1. I so wish I could be with you at the baby shower but have fun for me too, okay?!! You look great!! I LOVE these monthly pictures and am so
    glad that you do that.

    Parker Faith is the most blessed baby ever!! If she is anything like my Jessica baby girl, she will be the next perfect (my Jessica baby was/is
    the first most perfect!!)

    I love you, Sweetheart. I know you are busy but try to keep it simple
    and take care of you, Parker, and your growing family!!

    My love to David, Tori and all your wonderful Spivey family too.
    love, grandma

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