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On April 12th, 2015, I will run my third Iron Girl Half Marathon in Clearwater.  This race is very special to me, because it was my first half ever and my first sub 2:30 half!  This year I am hoping to set a new record!

Here’s a little history:
2013 – I ran the Iron Girl as my first half marathon just 12 weeks after getting serious about running!  I was aiming for a time under 3 hours and I crossed the finish line at 2:57:24. I cried when I crossed the finish line and was so grateful for that adventure! Read more…
medal2014 – This was my second year running the Iron Girl and was my 6th overall half marathon.  I really felt like I was prepared and ready to rock this race.  I set a goal of running the half in about 2:30.  I was elated to cross the line in 2:25:08 – totally crushing my goal for the race.  Read more…

2015 – this story is yet to be written, however I would love to beat my current PR of 2:21 and hit a sub 2:20.  Watch for the race recap!

Why I love Iron Girl?
1. It is an event exclusively for women! Sorry guys!
2. It is a beautiful course!  Yes, there are some tough bridges on this course, however they are manageable (walk up, run down)
3. This event has such a positive, upfliting event that celebrates all that we as women are capable of when we set our minds to it!
4. They have awesome bling!!!

Want to run it with me in 2015?
Visit: Iron Girl Clearwater Registration and utilize promo code TAMPAMOMRUNS for a 10% discount!

Also, consider volunteering – even if you aren’t running, there are tons of opportunities to volunteer! Click Here!

***Opinions shared are my own.  I have not received anything in return for my promotion of this event.***

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