After Glow – what happens when the race buzz wears off!

Almost three weeks ago I ran my sixth half marathon and the last long race of the season. It was an incredible race with a great time!

So what do you do when the buzz of an amazing race season wears off? I’m no expert, but I thought I’d share my plan!

1- Don’t stop running!
I’m going to keep running once or twice a week. Perhaps so my legs don’t forget what to do.

2- Change it up!
For the next 60 days I’ll be doing Turbo Fire by the schedule! Super excited to get back to a routine! Changing your training to add biking, rollerblading or an indoor video workout is a great way to strengthen your core and prepare for next race season!

3- Keep your eye on the prize!
I’m still going to run a few 5k races during the summer. I enjoyed the Fourth of July run and the St Pete race I did for my birthday last year. So I’ll stay with a race in my sights. Now my biggest race ahead is SpaceCoast, which will bet first full marathon, in November. I’ll start training for it at the end of July!


Anyone else’s race buzz wearing off?

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