Adding a Prince to the Castle!

As you may have already seen, we are having another baby and we found out it is a BOY!

So here’s the update – since I have been a little MIA recently!

Running update: I am not running currently, but walking about 3-4 miles a week with some regular trips to the park with our six year old!  I took a break from running after Chicago in October and then we starting trying for our final baby after that.  I found out the day after Christmas that we were pregnant – in the hurry and busy of Christmas, I didn’t realize I was almost a week late!

Baby Update: We are 16 weeks pregnant, 17 this week, and I am feeling pretty good.  I battled some nausea in the first trimester, but nothing that actually made me sick. In the last few weeks I have been craving spicy food and enjoy dousing any food in hot sauce before consumption!  I, who normally loves sweets, have turned down doughnuts, ice cream, and other sweets simply because they do not sound good!  Nesting is also in full effect – the room has been painted and I am scouting furniture and decor for the room!

We found out the gender early thanks to a blood test – that I don’t even think was an option when our 6 year old was born.  We utilized a gender reveal exploding golf ball to debate our baby’s gender.  Neither my husband or I knew the gender earlier – we asked a friend to open the results and pick the right golf ball!

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