A gain, a loss and a run

Parker and Memaw
July 2012

One year running gained, a priceless woman lost and a run in her honor.

Couch to 5K started it all.
A lifestyle change that’s been a ball.
Inspired by a friend.
A timid women it would mend.

A sweet spirit filled the room.
Heaven’s gates she would see soon.
Family and friends held her tight.
And stayed with her through the night.

Tears amid the stories and songs.
We knew she wouldn’t be with us long.
In the quiet morning she left this world.
And in Jesus’ arms she curled.

Thirteen miles were before me.
From the start line we were set free.
A journey by the beach where we were married.
Knowing soon she would be buried.

Memories of banana bread and chicken pie.
I fought some moments I wanted to cry.
Rounding the corner to the finish.
Knowing her memory will not diminish.

*** Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers for my family.  Memaw was David’s grandmother, but I am so blessed that I was her granddaughter too.  She would introduce me at Bingo as her granddaughter and it was so precious.  One of the items that I will cherish forever is her bingo bag.  I gave her a Vera Bradley bag for all her Bingo paraphernalia. When Delaine handed it to me after Memaw passed away I was overwhelmed by memories.  I might have been an in-law – but that word was not in her vocabulary.  I was her family too.

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