A Few Good Races!

Hudson Rotary 5K

In the last two weekends, I have been run 2 – 5K’s, a 2 mile foundation run, and Relay for Life at Fivay!

The first 5k was last Saturday in Hudson, FL. It was a small race which enabled me to set a PR (personal record) of 36:50 and place second in my age group (out of 3 or 4)!

New Marshall Center on USF Campus

That brings me to Sunday… I arrived at USF for a 3-mile foundation run that I bought on LivingSocial. I didn’t realize it was on a Sunday or I wouldn’t have bought it in the first place. The times weren’t advertised well, so I arrived way too early. So I enjoyed walking and looking at how the USF campus has changed in just 5 short years. Before everything got started I realized that this wasn’t a chip timed race and considered going home. The only thing that kept me there was a medal at the finish line – I had already driven all that way, might as well have a nice run!
As I rounded the corner to come up the hill to the Marshall Center, I looked down at my watch – this was barely a 2 mile run. I grabbed a bottle of water (and my medal!) and headed home. Before I headed home I snagged some facetime with the gentleman who organized the event, I recommended that they get the track certified and chip time it; this would lead to more people and more money for their foundation. After a little more discussion, he let me know that he is the same guy that puts on the Beach Beast in Fort Lauderdale every year. So he knows what chip timing means to runners! If I had known it wasn’t timed – I wouldn’t have gotten out of bed!

Fast forward through a smooth week at work. I have switched gears to Practice EOCs with my students and have included some additional activities for students to breakdown and identify their weaknesses (the standards that we teach!). It was powerful for those students who engaged the activities.

On Friday, I had to write 3 referrals. I know that there are some teachers that write referrals all the time, but writing a referral is devastating to me! I take it personally – however this time it was for skipping and theft. I have no guilt over these. There was a full moon and we are nearing the end of the year, so I can only imagine the shenanigans are going to continue!

Parker’s new “cheese” face!

In the middle of my day, a student came to me and asked if I could chaperone her Relay for Life group on Friday night until about 8:30 or so. They had an overnight chaperone, but they couldn’t get there till later. Can you say no to that? Of course not!
Parker and I played in the grass, walked around the field for a little while, watched people dance, heard fun music, ate a slushy and went through a bounce house obstacle course! All in all, it was a good night. Parker had a little trouble going to bed, but I think it was only because she was over-tired.

There were planes taking off on the same runway that we would run just 30 minutes before start time!

Good morning Saturday! I got up early and tried not to wake anyone as I left for the 5K at Tampa International Airport. This was a neat run, even though it was not chip timed. I got to see several faces I haven’t seen in a while. I saw Alex Rhodes and his girlfriend, Brittany. These crazy people recently completed a Savage Race and have registered for the Dopey Run which is a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Full marathon in one weekend! I also got to see Tyler, the husband of a very good friend from high school! I also briefly saw Misty – who I met at the Corporate 5K in Tampa with Team Live.Sweat.Sleep.Repeat. Nice to see some familiar faces!

Because the TIA Run wasn’t a full 3.1 miles, I felt cheated! So I went back to Relay for Life and ran the track for a full 3.1 (completed in 36:06 – 44 seconds faster than my PR last week). Even though most of the teams had cleaned up, it felt good to finish strong!

There was one cross country student from Fivay that ran 32 miles over the course of Friday night. That is 128 laps! The previous record for this event in Hudson was 100 laps. So he shattered the record! His motivation? Bayonet Point Middle School (one of our feeder schools) lost a teacher to cancer this past Monday. He ran for this teacher. Amazing!

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