A Change on the Horizon

I have treasured the last two years and a half years at CARE Media/Seatac – I have had the opportunity to learn so many new things.  I have learned video editing, DVD making, networking and so much more!  The list could be a mile long!  They have given me the opportunity to learn things and the freedom to fail at my first attempt.  They gave me the opportunity to finish my degree in being flexible for a semester with my class schedule. I can’t fully put into words how grateful I am for the last two and a half years!

Many of you know that teaching is my heart.  I taught middle school at Burnett Middle and Walker Middle in Hillsborough County, Florida.  I truely loved Burnett – not only the school, but the people.  So encouraging and supportive when I had no idea what I was doing.

As of this August, I will be venturing back in to teaching… at a high school!!!  Crazy, I know!! The school is Wesley Chapel High School – it is located about 15 miles from my house.  I will be teaching Geometry and Advanced Algebra with Financial Applications (perfect, huh?)!!

It will be a weird transition, but we are trusting that God has already gone before me and paved the way for my smooth start in teaching!  I have waited for several years for this and this is the right time!  Praise God for all that He has done to bring us to this place!

I can’t wait to tell stories like this one again (recounted from my days at Burnett Middle School):

I teach 6th graders… the ones that look up to the 8th graders in awe and amazement!
With that said… Friday was “Green Day”. You remember like in high school when you had a pep rally day you wore your color! Well everyone wears green! And of course there are 8th grade kids that bring face paint. That is cool, until the 6th graders get the bright idea to color on themselves with markers! Yes… color on their face with green markers!

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  1. I’m so excited for you! I don’t know how much I can help in the *math* teaching part but I’m here for whatever you need!!! 🙂 Welcome to DSBPC!

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