5 Tips for Working From Home

In the last few weeks I have worked more from home than normal due to the complications that we experienced with this pregnancy. Many people think that working from home is easy – and in some aspects it can be – but it’s not easy.  I get distracted by laundry that needs to get done or things around the house that take your attention.  So here are a few lessons that I have learned!

  1. Dedicate a space to your work – whether it’s an office or a corner of your bedroom, pick a space that works for you. We have a guest room/office with a couch and coffee table that lifts to be desk height. This is my space for working!
  2. Change it up – because you can work from anywhere, you can take your work out to the patio to enjoy the outdoors or you can make a trip to the local coffee shop for a change of scenery.  Perhaps this change of environment will invoke a new creative vibe for you.
  3. Occupy your distractions – the last few weeks I have had my six year old at home with me during the summer. Find ways to occupy them so that you can focus.  Whether it’s a baby sitter for a few hours, a new activity book or game, educational games, or a movie (moms – there is NO shame in doing this) to occupy your little one so that you can focus.
  4. Find what focuses you – some people do well with music or TV going on in the background, others do not.  Find what works for you and space.  Don’t turn on Netflix if you will get sucked into a binge watching vortex and therefore not be productive. But if it’s silence the you work best in, turn off all the distractions and get to work.  Turn your phone on do not disturb.
  5. Set a schedule – take breaks, eat lunch at lunch time, add in a quick walk outside, or block your time so that you can focus one thing for a period of time and then change gears so you don’t get bored.  Just because your schedule is flexible doesn’t mean that you

4 thoughts on “5 Tips for Working From Home”

  1. Great suggestions. It’s good to be focused. I worked from home for a long time and loved it. Great post.

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