4 things to consider when picking a race!

1. Location
Is the race close enough to drive? Or would it require a hotel stay the night before? Something to look at it packet pick up information. Example: Disney races don’t have pick up on the morning of the races, requiring you to attend the expo in the days leading up to the race and possibly adding the hotel requirement to your budgeting consideration! I’m not saying that travel means an automatic no to a race, but it’s definitely something to consider.

2. Course
Where is the run? Does it include hills or bridges? This may change how your training needs to be planned.

3. Timing
Consider how a race works within your bigger plan. If you are working up to a long race, having some milestone races leading up would be beneficial. On the other hand, back to back weekends of longer races might be difficult if you are properly trained!

4. Bling!
This may not interest you, but it sure does me! I love big and unique bling!
If a race doesn’t gave bling, there better be a pretty good cause that the funds are going towards. Example: I ran Robbie’s Run a few weeks ago even though it didn’t have a finisher’s medal, because the funds raised go towards scholarships for student to attend summer camp at Word of Life.

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