47 years till Gold!

3 years down and 47 more to go before David and I can celebrate 50 years together!  Can’t wait!

David’s region won a contest and we all get to go to dinner at Charley’s on Saturday with a limo to pick us up from our houses!  So the other folks in his region don’t know it, but they are going to get to celebrate our anniversary with us!

A few weeks ago someone was talking about vows and weddings… can’t remember where or why! – anyway, and David and I couldn’t remember what our vows were.  We intentionally picked out vows that were different than the standard, but neither of us could remember what they were.  So I dug in the closet and found my wedding planning binder and there they were – our vows!  Being a little budget conscience, I did something special with our vows that will be displayed in our house somewhere.  You will have to visit to see them!  🙂

July 29, 2007

I wrote this last year, and it is still very appropriate – even down to the day that Tori is going home 🙁

Someone asked me yesterday if it felt like the past two years have flown by.

I will be honest, I had to think. There are times when things fly by and times when things seem like they drag on. But isn’t that with all areas of life? There are times in life where I have said to myself – will this ever end? Sometimes things seem more difficult that they should be, other times they feel like a breeze. Whether situations at work, home, or school – everyone has those days where we say mean things and wish that later we could take them back.

The times in life that seem to go to fast are times like now. Tori is leaving on Saturday and I feel like the days are going by twice as fast as normal. I forget about laundry and dishes… because I want just a few more minutes with her. It breaks my heart to send her home, but she is such a resilient and happy girl. She loves her life – whether with us or with her mom – she loves her life. It might be crazy and it might be hard to leave either place… but she loves being in the crazy of two little sisters as opposed to being the only child with us.

The best part of being married to David is that no matter the kind of bad days either of us have had… he has this way of calming down with a simple hug (not just any hug… he has really good hugs). No matter what has happened in the day – between other people or between us – he has a way of communicating, “It doesn’t matter what it is, we are together and we will get through whatever.”

Sometimes the past comes back to remind you that you aren’t perfect and it is nice to know I am loved despite all of that – by my heavenly father and my wonderful husband.

Happy Anniversary Baby!

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