30th Birthday Month!

Yes, I am claiming the whole month even though my birthday isn’t until the 23rd!  So…. I’m celebrating in three ways to celebrate surviving three decades!

  1. Family – During the same month that I turn 30, my step-father-in-law turns 50!  So we are traveling for a long weekend to Lousisana to visit and celebrate with them!  Here’s Kip with both of my girls!     
  2. Running/Triathlons – My birthday happens to fall on a Sunday, but the day before I will be running in the Ft Desoto Triathlon! I don’t have any other running events during August, it’s just to hot!  I will be training for the Dumbo Double Dare… see below!  
  3. New Adventure – During the first weekend in September, I will visit Disneyland for the first time and run my first RunDisney Challenge – the Dumbo Double Dare!  The challenge consists of a 10K on Saturday and a half marathon on Sunday!  I am ramping my training back up and will be working hard to train back to back days on Friday and Saturdays leading up to the event.  I am traveling with two sweet ladies – Autumn and Katie.  We realized a few weeks ago that all three of us turn 30 during 2015.  So we are all celebrating!  

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