2018 Goals – Get Running with Iron Girl

I recently sat down and look at the things I feel like I have been called to do in 2018. Among them is get back to running! A little, a lot, somewhere in between – but get back to running!  So I am setting my eyes on one of my favorite races every year – IRON GIRL CLEARWATER!

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Disclaimer: Thanks to my relationship with Iron Girl Clearwater, I have been given incentive to promote the event.  All opinions are my own!

So why is this my favorite race? Because every year this race has been something special to me – so take a trip down memory lane with me!

2013 – Iron Girl was my very first half marathon ever!  I had just started running in January and I got addicted. It was tough, it was hard, but I felt like such a champion after finishing!

2014 – was a huge PR!  It was an 11 minute PR and a 32 minute PR over the 2013 Iron Girl race.

2015 – was yet another PR in the half marathon distance – I now had a PR of 2:17 with an average pace of 10:37. And seriously with views like this… it’s an amazing race!

2016 – Earned my wings running the 5K with Ainsley’s Angels. This was an amazing race in which I teamed up with another lady to push a special needs child.  I earned a 5K PR during this race.  Can you believe it? Running with an Angel gives you wings!

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