15 weeks to go – a pregnancy update!

While we have been through some emotional ups and downs in the last few weeks, we are hopeful and know that God is in control of this baby’s future. For those of you that may not know, we were made aware that I’m experiencing an issue called a short cervix, which puts us at a risk of pre-term delivery.  I have been put on ‘light duty’ – they don’t want me up and moving around too much or lifting heavy items. The hardest part of dealing with a short cervix is that the only symptom that would cause concern is contractions… I don’t feel any different or have any indications on whether things are getting better or worse. So we pray, we trust, and we stay calm.

Last week we crossed the 24 week mark which means out little man is viable, but it is certainly not optimal so I continue to follow instructions form the doctor.

Feeling: Lots of kicks, tired a lot, and some Braxton Hicks contractions.

Craving: Mostly spicy food, but it is really balancing out. I was craving the cinnamon gelato from our recent cruise just last week – complete with a waffle cone!

Wearing: Lots of comfortable dresses!

Nesting: While the nursery is not yet done, I have certainly felt the urge to wash his clothes and finish decorating.  We will be adding grey furniture shortly and then I’ll add the artwork to the wall!


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