10 Signs You've Been Training for a Marathon

Now I am no marathon expert, however I can tell you that after two marathons this last season there are some signs that you can tell some has been training for a marathon.

1. You shrug off a 8 mile run… yep, no big deal!

2. You’ve lost more than one toe nail.  Yes, I have two cute nail-less toes…

3. You look at your bling and still can’t believe that you did it!

4. Running gear is on your wishlist for the next holiday. Because your shoes have met their mileage quota and your running attire has become tattered.

5. You keep eating like you are training for a marathon.  My body still thinks I need an insane amount of calories to sustain my running schedule.  Trying to reprogram your body after marathon training is a rough battle.

6. When you find out you are going to be traveling, the first thing you look up is races in the area.  We are going to Hawaii in May and the first thing I googled after finding out the dates was “Races in Hawaii”!

7. You surround yourself with runners.  Almost everyone that I interact with now on a social basis is a runner!

8. Saturday naps are required.  After a run on Saturday, it is the natural progression to eat, take a shower and then nap!

9. Your laundry is more running clothes than regular clothes!

10. You are already looking for the next one!  I am going to pass on a marathon next season simply for the time it took away from my family, however I will be looking at another marathon for 2016! Any suggestions?

7 thoughts on “10 Signs You've Been Training for a Marathon”

  1. Right on to this post! I’ve broken down my last 4 weeks of training into 2 sections. With the last 2 being taper, those miles are easy. So i see it as getting through 2 more weeks.

    Loving your husband’s shirt!

  2. Hahaha, I am sooo not even close to a half, but I am improving on 5ks, and my best friend is training for her 3rd marathon and always tells me about her poor toe nails!

  3. Thanks for refreshing my memory! My first and only marathon was MCM 2013. All registered for MCM 2015 and looking forward to not have to train alone this time around. By the way, I love your husband’s shirt! 👍

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